Managing CHD


Managing Congenital Heart Disease can be very challenging. We've included the 2009 Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) Consensus document on Adult Congenital Heart Disease in an effort to help both professionals and patients/families to better understand the care issues in their particular conditions. Reviewing this information with a CACH Network professional is often recommended, since you may not be clear on which points are important to you.

Click here to view the 2009 CCS Consensus document.

Although dated, the 2001 CCS Consensus document can still be a helpful source of information. Simply select the section you would like to view from the list below:


The first consensus document on this topic, drawing up practical guidelines for the optimal management of Adult Congenital Heart Disease, were created under Canadian leadership in 1996 including a panel of highly respected international experts. Such recommendations had never before been compiled. Consequently, this document attracted international interest.

The 2001 renewal of the document is now being used. Again under Canadian leadership, a global panel of adult CHD experts worked to include the new information and views that had appeared since 1996. While the document is written for adult cardiologists, it can be used by anyone who can understand the terms, or who has access to help with its interpretation.

The consensus document is arranged by subject heading listed below. It has been published both in English and French (the 1996 version at the moment) in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology and has also been translated into Japanese.

It must be emphasised that this document has been produced to assist health care professionals and even lay people understand what we believe is a good approach to these types of situations. It is not, of course, binding on anyone but represents the knowledge, opinions and beliefs of experienced workers acknowledged to have special expertise in adult CHD.